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Tarn Huynh

Offline Editor

Name:Tarn Huynh Status: Looking for new opportunities Location:Glasgow
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Brief profile

I've recently moved to the UK from Australia looking to start my career in post-production work. I have skills and experiences in editing for short films and animations and I am hoping to gain more skills and find work here in the UK. I enjoy making short animations and films. Blender 2.6, Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Final Cut Pro 7 are the main programs I use when I create my animation. I hope one day I can create an animation that would make people walk away smiling. My dream is to work for either Disney Pixar, studio Ghibli or Studio 4°C. But at the moment all I want to do is work and gain more skills and experiences, so please hire me!

Key skills

  • Offline Editing
  • Camera assistant
  • Animation: 2.5D & 3D
  • IT Analyst
  • Librarian
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