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Lisa Wootten

Junior Animator

Name:Lisa Wootten Status: Employed Location:Essex

Brief profile

I am a very adventurous 24 year old woman, looking to make an impact. I graduated in 2010 studying at Norwich University College of the Arts, obtaining a Ba (Hons) Degree in Graphic Design: Animation. Since then I have done work experiences and internships within this field, however I am looking for something to push me, somewhere, where I can grow, within the company, awaiting an opportunity where I believe I can do as much for the company as it can do for me. I have done volunteer work for cancer research and given my time to help others in need. I enjoy working in teams and as an individual, creating a bond with people and sharing ideas and outlooks on projects. I have a wide amount of skills, varying between, management, PR, receptionist and Design. All these skills make me a brilliant candidate for the position. It shows I am capable of responsibility, that I am not afraid to go out of my way to speak to people. It shows I am capable of using a computer and speaking on a telephone. Plus my design skills proves I am able to handle plenty of projects at one time, in a successful manner. I am looking for a career, where I matter, where I can help people better themselves. I want to be pushed and challenged and be able to make myself and my team/company proud. I do not want just any job, I want something that I will thrive on, that I can give 100% and know that, the 100% will be recognised and help the company evolve and succeed. Pleased find attached my CV. Here is a link to my online portfolio which has a small selection of my work:

Key skills

  • Graphic design
  • Animation
  • Editing
  • Web Design
  • Managerial skills
  • A love to learn
  • A good communicator
  • Confident