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Web Content Manager/Community Manager

Name:KAVYA RAJAGOPALAN Status: Looking for new opportunities Location:London
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Brief profile

I am a science graduate with a keen interest in media and passion for writing. During my time at university I worked as a contributing writer for a South Asian entertainment website,, where I wrote a range of articles including film reviews and interviews. After my graduation in June 2012, I undertook a three-month editorial and features internship at Asian Woman Magazine. Here, I subbed over 60 articles in the website’s CMS, ran the brand’s social media feeds, sourced images and products for print articles, and liaised with PRs for articles for both print and web. For the past 7 months I have been working as the editor of, which has further allowed me to build on my current skill-set. I am familiar with using Content Management Systems and am also a versatile writer with a diverse range of interests. Being active on a number of social networks including Twitter (@_kavya_) and Pinterest, I am confident in using such platforms to both promote work and connect with people from all over the world. I have also done some pro bono work creating and proofreading press releases, and have some basic photography, Photoshop and video editing knowledge. As a person, I am hard-working, confident and dedicated. I enjoy working in a team but am just as capable of working independently to achieve the required results. I am outgoing and friendly, and able to maintain a positive outlook even at the most stressful of times!

Key skills

  • Writing - experience in writing for the web
  • including film and music reviews
  • and interviews. Some experience in writing and proofreading press releases. Social Media - strong following on Twitter and active on other social networks including Pinterest
  • Facebook and Tumblr. Ran the social media accounts for the brands in my past two roles Editing - worked as the editor of a website for 6 months
  • and previously as an editorial and features intern at a magazine. Both roles involved me subbing articles for web and print to ensure consistency of tone and accuracy of content. Networking - I am an outgoing person who is quick to build relationships with people from all walks of life
  • and have been able to use these contacts to promote my brands and also to source content for features (e.g. getting in touch with artists for interviews). Creativity - I am a creative person
  • having trained in music since a young age. I also enjoy writing poetry and performing spoken word. These creative skills also come into play in my work life
  • as I am able to think outside the box in order to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to problems which may arise.